Youth Red Cross

Volunteers of Georgia Red Cross Society are actively involved in the activities organized by National Society.

Youth Council 

Youth Council was established in 2013 and it includes 10 most active volunteers of National Society. The members of the Council gather once a week at GRCS HQ to discuss and plan future plans and activities, as well as to brainstorm on implemented projects and share new ideas among them. As per regulation of the Council, it is unacceptable to miss the meeting more than three times without any excuse; in case of unexcused absence the member will be automatically replaced by other active volunteer. 

“Committee of Five”

“Committee of Five” is a group of five active students established in high schools. 

These students are responsible to disseminate information about GRCS activities among other pupils, deliver the news about upcoming trainings and activities, and arrange meetings with new volunteers and work with them school-wide. 

Activities where GRCS volunteers are involved

GRCS volunteers are involved in almost all projects implemented by the National Society. 

Activity Day Center

GRCS has 15 Activity Day Centers around Georgia; our volunteers are actively involved in all of them. During the day volunteers carry out several activities with the beneficiaries; they teach elderly people how to explore sculptures, how to work on felt; they also teach embroidery and knitting.  Beneficiaries of the Centre assisted by the volunteers organize concerts and poetry evenings. 

Cleaning and planting activities

During the whole year, volunteers of GRCS organize several cleaning activities, not only in the capital but all around Georgia. With their own initiative volunteers clean streets, squares, parks and special “tent city” for homeless people. GRCS volunteers also take care of nature; they plant flowers and trees and take care of recreation areas. 

Distributing informational materials 

GRCS volunteers frequently organize activities which serve to disseminate information about GRCS on-going projects and campaigns. The activities are organized in public places, where they distribute informational leaflets on Firs Aid, Climate Change, AIDS prevention and etc. 


Fundraising events are organized on regular basis. Volunteers are always ready to raise money for the needs of vulnerable people. 

 Summer Camps

Every summer GRCS organizes Summer Camps both National and International. 

During the summer camps volunteers have opportunity to participate in workshops; they receive new and important informations about on-going topics, make new friends and share their experiences with other volunteers. 

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