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1918 - Foundation of the Georgia Red Cross Society; 1923 - Independent existence of the GRCS was interrupted and it became the member of the Alliance of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of the USSR; 1993 - Parliament of Georgia ratified Geneva Conventions of August 12, 1949; 1995 - Georgia Red Cross Society resumed its existence as an independent organization; 1997

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We help community population to be prepared for natural disasters; We support local authorities and relevant structures to respond to the natural disasters; We support community population and often act as a first responders during disaster through our well trained and equipped volunteers; During natural disasters and the conflict situations we help affected population with food and non-food items; We fight against stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS and TB through informational educational work; We strengthen TB treatment adherence through psychological support and infor Read more


წელი თქვენს სამსახურში


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Since November 2018 Georgia Red Cross Society (GRCS), with support of the Austrian Red Cross and Tbilisi City Hall, is implementing a Home Care Project. Home Care considers medical, basic and social care to socially vulnerable, disabled, confined to home or bedridden people on place. To improve quality of their life, the beneficiaries are served/assisted by highly qualified multidisciplinary team (doctor, nurse, nurse assistant, social worker, family assistant and technical assistant.

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ინტეგრირებულ საქმიანობათა დღის ცენტრი


ფილიალი ქვეყნის მასშტაბით

200 000


Happy International Youth Day!

Happy International Youth Day!...

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"EU4Youth" Project

Georgia Red Cross Society trainer volunteers are actively conducting sessions for the youth in the framework of the "EU4Youth" Pro...

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Georgia Red Cross Society in framework of project EU4Youth

On 21-27 July Georgia Red Cross Society in framework of project EU4Youth, which is supported by European Union, conducted training...

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First Aid Training for Media Representatives

First Aid Training for Media Representatives...

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Red Cross „Weekend”

Red Cross „Weekend” Through July 20-21 Georgia Red Cross Society conducted “Red Cross weekend“, this activ...

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